Strategy Activation

Strategy Activations bring your strategy to life.

We know how to optimize buy-in from key stakeholders

and how to accelerate the adoption process. 


We Bring Strategies To Life

We ensure that all employees understand their role in bringing your strategy to life. 

From the boardroom to the shop floor - everyone 'gets' the vision and knows how to execute it.

Our expertise in Change Management, Strategic Comms and GameStorming, helps us to formulate 

Strategy Activations® that gain employee BUY-IN and provide ACTIONABLE STEPS 

to ACCELERATE EXECUTION on the ground. 

Strategy Activations Are Important

Company strategies are created in the boardroom but executed on the ground. 

If your employees don't 'get' it, you can forget it.


  • Employees can’t execute a strategy they don’t UNDERSTAND.

  • Employees won’t execute a strategy they don’t BELIEVE IN. 

  • Engagement with a strategy results in better understanding which results in more BUY-IN. 


  • Our Strategy Activations make information more TANGIBLE, more CONCRETE, and more ACTIONABLE.

  • Our Strategy Activations bring CLARITY, break down barriers and ACCELERATE ADOPTION.


If your employees don’t get it, you can forget it.

The Three Step Process

We follow a three step process to create, launch and land company strategies.

Company strategies are created in the boardroom but executed on the ground. 

If your people don't 'get' it, you can forget it.


Understand The Need.

Defining The Outcomes.

Visual Map of Strategy.

Plan of Action.


Communicate The Strategy.

Strategy Engagement & Simulations.

Gain Buy-In & Understanding.

Accelerate Adoption.



Post Launch Communication.

Monitoring & Reporting.

Reward & Recognition.


Challenges We Help Solve



  • "We've communicated our strategy many times but our employees just don't 'get' it."

  • "We need help envisioning where we are going and how we will get there."

  • "My team is not aligned with our vision, mission or strategy."

  • "We know that PowerPoint decks are just not engaging, but we don't know a better way to get our message across."


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The Activation Toolkit

We’ll create the toolkit you need to clearly communicate your strategy. 


From gaming simulations, visual maps and animations, to digital solutions and face-to-face workshops & conferences; we're a consultative partner from beginning to end.

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Visual Strategy Maps /

Process Maps

Comms Campaign

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Strategy Games &

Learning Activities

2D Animation

Explainer Videos

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Industrial Theatre

& Road Shows

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Digital Apps & Experiences

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Workshops & Conferences

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Live Voting Technology

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Facilitator / Manager Toolkit

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Printed Collateral

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Branded Apparell

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Reward & Recognition

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Reporting & Monitoring

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& So Much More...

Whether it's a heads-down, 2 week sprint to the finish line or a 12 month partnership,

let's design a customised Strategy Activation to meet your team's goals.